IAC or International Academy of CIO was founded in 2006 in Japan by co-founders included Japan, USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Switzerland and Thailand. Members and alliances are evolving to include economies in all regions such as China, Cambodia, Holland, India, Korea, Laos, Hong Kong, Macao, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, UK, Viet Nam, Italy, Russia and etc. Its missions includes, firstly to establish academic standards based on its research on social phenomenon relating to ICT by elucidating the gradual process of its cause and effect, social and technical relations as well as the framework between the society and ICT on this Information Age. Secondly is to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among Academy members, professionals and individuals in academic, business and government professions who are highly concerned with issues related to CIO. Thirdly is to foster the development of best practices in CIO and CIO Councils with the goal of furthering good e-Government and lastly is to introduce a global standard of CIO model by uniting academic resources with practical case studies to strengthen and enhance international competitiveness of the industry for the new Information Age.

Activities of IAC include, organizing workshops, conventions, symposia, lectures, seminars and meetings; conducting academic researches and surveys, issuing publications such as journals and proceedings; cooperation with related Academies whenever possible to exchange resources and carry out joint research projects; offering opportunities to young and top scholarly researchers actively engaged in the field of CIO including postgraduate students; undertaking global projects; and carrying out any other worldwide activities to accomplish objectives of the Academy.

IAC member chapters as well as its alliances believe that with the IAC’s clearly defined missions and activities, IAC will be able to serve CIO community on their continuing efforts for ICT and e-Government development through an effective collaboration among CIOs, academia and expert parties both in the public and private sectors. The world ICT development community is now ready to witness this substantial move on CIOs towards the ultimate goal of building up a unique information society.

Presently, IAC Officers comprises:

IAC President:

  » Prof. Dr. Toshio Obi, Waseda University, IAC Japan

IAC Vice Presidents:

  » Prof. Jean Pierre Auffret, George Mason University, IAC USA

  » Ms. Jantima Siriseangtaksin, IAC Thailand

  » Prof. Suhono Harso Supangkat, Bandung Insitute of Technology, IAC Indonesia

  » Prof. Francisco Magno, De Lasalle University, IAC Philippines

  » Prof. Yang Fengchun, Peking University, IAC China

  » Prof. Lim Swee Cheang, Director & CEO, Institute of Systems Science, NUS, IAC Singapore

  » Mr. Andrey Semenov, Chairman of RuCIO, IAC Russia

IAC Secretary General:

  » Mr. Jirapon Tubtimhin, Thammasat University

IAC President Office

Room 703, Bldg (WIAPS) 1-21-1 Nishi Waseda Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

169-0051 Japan


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