• President: Prof. Dr. Toshio Obi, Waseda University
  • Vice President: Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Auffret, George Mason University
  • Vice President: Prof. Lim Cheang Swee, National University of Singapore
  • Vice President: Dr. Jantima Sirisaengtaksin, Thammasat University
  • Vice President: Prof. Dr. Suhono Harso Supangkat, Bandung Insitute of Technology
  • Vice President: Prof. Dr. Fransico Magno, De La Salle University
  • Vice President: Prof. Dr. Yang Fengchun, Peking University
  • Vice President: Mr. Andrey Semenov, Chairman of the Board RuCIO

IAC Indonesia

Founding Location of IAC Indonesia and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung
  • Prof. Dr. Suhono Harso Supangkat

IAC Japan

Founding Location of IAC Japan and Head/Key Persons of Academy

  • Mr. Hamaguchi

IAC Philippines

Founding Location of IAC Philippines and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • La Salle Institute of Governance, De La Salle University-Manila)
  • Prof. Dr. Francisco A. Magno

IAC Thailand

Founding Location of IAC Thailand and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • Thammasat University, Bangkok
  • Mrs. Jantima Sirisaengtaksin


Founding Location of IAC USA and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • George Mason University, Virginia
  • Prof. J. P. Auffret

IAC India

Founding Location of IAC India and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • New Delhi, India
  • Mr. Ashish Mukherjee

IAC China

Founding Location of IAC China and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • Academy of e-Government, Peking University, Beijing
  • Prof. Yang Fengchun

IAC Russia

Founding Location of IAC Russia and Head/Key Person of Academy

  •  Vice President of IAC, Russian CIO Congress (RuCIO), Moscow
  • Mr. Andrey Semenov

IAC Vietnam

Founding Location of IAC Vietnam and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • Post and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT), Hanoi
  • Prof. Dr. Tan Hanh, Vice President of PTIT

IAC Taiwan

Founding Location of IAC Taiwan and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • Taiwan E-Governance Research Center, Taipei
  • Prof. Tong-Yi Huang

IAC Singapore

Founding Location of IAC Singapore and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Prof. Lim Swee Cheang

IAC Macau

Founding Location of IAC Macau and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • Macao SAR Government, Macau
  • Mr. Simon Chan

IAC Finland

Founding Location of IAC Finland and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • Turku University
  • Prof. Dr. Tomi Dahlberg

IAC HongKong

Founding Location of IAC HongKong and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • HongKong Government Chief Information Officer

IAC Kazakhstan

Founding Location of IAC Kazakhstan and Head/Key Person of Academy

  • Kazakhstan National ICT
  • Ms. Bikesh Kurmangaliyeva

United Nations University (UNU), International Institute for Software Industry (IIST), Dr. Tomasz Janowski

APEC e-Government Research Center

The APEC e-Government Research Center of Waseda University was established with the aim to provide assistance in looking for solutions to the various challenges of e-Government and offers recommendations for the improvement of e-Government implementation. As part of the Center's commitment to address e-Government issues, the Center does not only focus on the challenges concerning the national government agencies but also the local government units. The main purposes of the APEC e-Government Research Center are:

  • To monitor and evaluate "e-APEC" activities;
  • To support GCIO projects for networking and workshops as core resources;
  • To establish APEC "e-University Networks" as a center for excellence in Human Resource Development (HRD) for e-Government through e-learning courses / system by using the latest technologies such as IPv6 and Next Generation Networks (NGN);
  • To implement ICT trainings and research programs to address the needs on the new environment and digital society;
  • To assist activities of International Academy of CIO; and
  • To promote partnership and interactive collaboration among academic institutions, the government and the industry in supporting HRD requirements in the new economy.


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