Firstly I would like to thank all chapter members of IAC for honoring me to be President of IAC. From now on, I think, we will have to meet more often since I will need closer cooperation from all of you. Our mission on which we have resolved in Tokyo, Japan in late June 2006 will not be able to accomplish without chapter members’ uniqueness. To remind us again I would like to address the mission statement one more time as follows:

  • Firstly, IAC will establish academic standards based on its research on social phenomenon relating to ICT by elucidating the gradual process of its cause and effect, social and technical relations as well as the framework between the society and ICT on this Information Age.
  • Secondly, we will facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among Academy members, professionals and individuals in academic, business and government professions who are highly concerned with issues related to CIO.
  • Thirdly, we will foster the development of best practices in CIO and CIO Councils with the goal of furthering good e-Government
  • Fourthly, we will introduce a global standard of CIO model by uniting academic resources with practical case studies to strengthen and enhance international competitiveness of the industry for the new Information Age.

In my viewpoint I am quite confident that IAC will open a new era for CIOs and ICT development. We need to collaborate closely among local members of each chapter as well as among the organized chapters on R&D and capacity building for CIO development. Regarding major joint activities and projects, we all realize that we will work together on organizing CIO workshop, forum, promoting academic researches and surveys, exchanging experience and knowledge and offering opportunities to young and top scholarly researchers actively engaged in the field of CIO. I do hope that we will go for the goal together for the betterment of CIO community both in the local and global levels. Lastly I wish all members of IAC gathering in this great event today all success and prosperity.



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