New Chief Information Officer (CIO) Accreditation Launched

International Academy of CIO (IAC) Announces Program at Annual Conference

Tokyo, Japan, September 28, 2015 - The International Academy of CIO (IAC), a world leader in chief information officer (CIO) education, standards and best practices, today announced its new accreditation and certification program for university information technology leadership degree programs. 

The goal of the IAC Global Accreditation Program is to foster the development of IT leadership and CIO graduate education and to facilitate the exchange of best practices. With information technology playing an increasingly important role in international development and competitiveness, IT leadership capacity building is a key foundational element for all countries. Information technology is a key enabler of addressing Millennium Development Goals challenges and achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals.

The IAC will be the only accreditation, recognized around the world, in the field of advanced IT management and leadership training. Master’s degree programs will be accredited based on criteria including mission, learning objectives and curriculum. The IAC information technology leadership learning objectives span the core competencies from individual, IT department and business organizational perspectives.

In addition, accredited program graduates will receive IAC CIO certificates highlighting that they are knowledgeable about and are able to apply CIO core competencies.

The program’s newly published handbook describes the process for institutions to apply for accreditation and details the indicators of a successful education program such as financial capacity, staff qualification, administration adequacy and curricula development. Guidelines for curriculum design are outlined, including learning objectives and a set of core competencies for chief information officers.

“This accreditation launch is prompted by a global shortage of well-trained IT leaders,” said Dr. Jean-Pierre Auffret, IAC vice president and professor at George Mason University. “The IAC recognized that programs were rapidly forming to provide education for IT leadership, and we realized the vital importance of establishing standards and benchmarks to foster best practices and public trust in such programs.”

The IAC developed its accreditation through close collaborations with academic counterparts and IT practitioners both in private sectors and governments.

“The new accreditation program will go a long way toward fulfilling an important mission of the IAC: to support learning for chief information officers in member economies and to introduce a global standard through a chief information officer model,” said Dr. Toshio Obi, IAC president and professor at Wasada University.

Institutions can apply for accreditation through the IAC. Eligible programs are those that offer advanced degrees focusing on, or having a large component in, IT management and leadership. Programs must be operating for more than two years.

For a copy of the IAC Accreditation Handbook, contact: Jean-Pierre Auffret,

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