IAC Leadership & Jantima Awardees 2009- 2019

IAC Distinguished Leadership Award on CIO & Digital Government Development – The award recognizes contributions to the IAC and demonstrated impact in CIO and ICT education, leadership, governance and policy.

Jantima Award –  In memory of the Jantima Sirisaengtaksin, IAC Vice President,  a great devotee of Thailand and advocate for the potential of global ICT development throughout her life as well as the awardee of the “IAC Distinguished Leadership Award on CIO & e-Government Development”.  Ms. Sirisaengtaksin was Director of the Tax Computerization Project and also Principle Advisor on Information and Communication Technology in the Revenue Department of the Thailand Ministry of Finance. Mrs. Jantima led Revenue Department initiatives including on e-filing for tax returns and to Revenue Department recognition as a leading government agency for e-Government in Thailand.  In addition, Mrs. Jantima promoted the role and contributions of women in ICT and ICT leadership in Thailand and worldwide.   The Jantima Award recognizes female IT leaders who exemplify leadership, collaboration and strategic vision and foster and further leadership roles for women in ICT.


 IAC Leadership & Jantima Awardees 2009-2018


14th IAC General Meeting, 2019 Taiwan

Leadership Award:

  • Ashish Mukherjee, International Academy of CIO – India

Jantima Award:

  • Airada Luangvilai, Thailand Digital Government Development Agency


13th IAC General Meeting, 2018 Kazakhstan

Leadership Award:

  • Alexander Ryzhov, RANEPA, Russia 

Jantima Award:

  • Nomination postponed to the 14th IAC General Meeting in Taiwan in 2019


12th IAC General Meeting, 2017 Russia

Leadership Award:

  • RuCIO Organization, Russia
  • Alexander Sokolov, Director of RANEPA, Russia
  • Jirapon Sunkpho, Thammasat University, Thailand

Jantima Award (Inauguration): Prof Naoko Iwasaki, Waseda University, Japan


11th IAC General Meeting 2016, Italy

Leadership Award:

  • Luca Buccoliero, Bocconi University, Italy
  • Sak Segkhoonthod, Thailand Electronic Government Agency (EGA)


10th IAC General Meeting 2015, Japan

Leadership Award:

  • Naoko Iwasaki, Waseda University, Japan,
  • Lim Swee Cheang, National University of Singapore,
  • Yang Feng Chun, Peking University, China


9th IAC General Meeting 2014, Singapore

Leadership Award:

  • Jantima Sirisaengtaksin, IAC Thailand,
  • Suhono Suphangkat, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
  • Francisco Magno, De Lasalle University, Philippines


8th IAC General Meeting 2013, China

Leadership Award:

  • Jean Pierre Auffret, George Mason University, USA,
  • Jirapon Tubtimhin, Thammasat University, Thailand


7th IAC General Meeting 2012, Russia

Leadership Award:

  • Andrei Korotkov, Russian CIO Union, Russia


6th IAC General Meeting 2011, Philippines

Leadership Award:

  • Timeto Diaz de Rivera, Commissioner, Commission on Information and Communications Technology, Philippines


5th IAC General Meeting 2010, Indonesia

Leadership Award:

  • Toshio Obi, Waseda University


4th IAC General Meeting 2009, Thailand

Leadership Award (Inauguration):

  • Pairash Thajchayapong, National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand