Aging2.0 Sweden publishes report on The Swedish AgeTech Market for 2023


Today's growth in the aging population requires new methods of delivering health and social care services AGING2.0 SWEDEN 1

This report is an initiative of Aging2.0 Sweden, which is a local chapter of the international Aging2.0 Network. Our aim is to provide an overview of the market for aging technology in Sweden, focusing on the needs of the senior population, caregivers and informal carers. We analyze the market size and value, identify key challenges and opportunities, and offer recommendations and success factors for investors and entrepreneurs interested in entering growing their business in this area.

The aging population in Sweden is growing rapidly, creating a higher demand for innovative solutions to support the elderly and their caregivers. The primary concerns for care recipients are enhancing independence, improving quality of life, and ensuring safety and well-being. There is a need for tools that can assist caregivers and informal carers in providing effective and personalized care while also reducing their workload.

Compared to other countries, the market for aging technology in Sweden is relatively small, making it challenging to estimate its monetary value. However, we make assumptions about its market value and forecast the growth rate based on the current market size. Entrepreneurs and investors face significant challenges due to care system regulations and privacy concerns.

Despite these challenges, there are promising opportunities in the market for technology enabled solutions focused on the elderly in Sweden. Technological advancements such as wearable devices and artificial intelligence present exciting possibilities. Building strong partnerships and fostering collaboration among various stakeholders can help investors and entrepreneurs position themselves in this rapidly expanding market. While we acknowledge that this report is not based on exhaustive research, we have made every effort to accurately convey the realities of the sector. We hope that this report will inspire innovators and financiers to engage in addressing the growing challenges and opportunities associated with the aging society in Sweden.