European AI Excellence and Trust at Expo Dubai on March 15-16, 2022

In the frame of the European Union’s participation at Expo Dubai, we invite you to join us on 15 and 16 March 2022, in a series of events aimed at presenting the “European AI Excellence and Trust in the world”.

How does Europe see the opportunities and complexities that AI brings? What are the Commission and EU Member States doing to build Excellence and Trust? Discussions between experts and policymakers will help to reflect the impact that such efforts have at an international level while a number of artistic installations collected from all around Europe will guide further reflections through a virtual walk.

The events will bring the pavilions of several EU Member States together, in launching the European #AIWeek initiative @ExpoDubai. This initiative makes part of the European Commission’s project for International Outreach for Human-Centric AI ( and includes:

  • A High-Level Forum on the EU Vision for Trustworthy AI in the World -#AIExcellence & #TrustworthyAI
  • Expert Workshop on AI for Sustainability – #AIExcellence & #AISustainability
  • Expert Workshop on AI for Health – #AIExcellence & #AIHealth
  • AI {VIRTUAL} Walk – #AIWalk
  • Networking lunch and art performance

The events will be accessible online to all registered participants.